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App-alling Behaviour?

April 27, 2010 8 comments

Indievision, the website and organisation of developers that aid other developers has been trying to address Apple in regards to their position in the whole Edge debacle. They originally contacted Apple back in November ’09 in hope to get some direct feedback or even action against the claims of Tim Langdell in both the case of Edge from Mobigame and Killer Edge Racing by Nalin Sharma.

Fast-forward to now and Indivision has made an attempt to address Apple in the case of EA’s release of Mirror’s Edge on the newly launched Apple iPad device- the big sister to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The situation we have is that Edge by Mobigame is still missing from the App store thanks to Langdell’s last demand for removal. We here at ChaosEdge, like many others believe that this is wrong and as a result of the actions have lost Mobigame and Nalin Sharma a great deal of money in lost revenue and just as important, removed the chance for video game fans around the world the chance to play their creation.

EA have recently released their title Mirror’s Edge on the iPad app store, and is set to release it on the iPhone in the near future. So we now have a game on the App Store featuring the word Edge, which contradicts the argument made against both Mobigame and Nalin. Is this just a matter of time before Langdell reaches for his quill and writes a letter of tall claims to Apple and they dutifully remove Mirror’s Edge from the App store? Or is it a case of big powerful EA gets the golden handshake, while small fry Mobigame and Nalin Sharma get swept under the rug? That’s exactly what Indivision is asking Apple in their letter and that’s what we want to know.

We’ll post the results here when they appear.

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Release Dates

April 5, 2010 10 comments

Recently, only last week in fact, we posted a piece that questioned the release dates for EDGE Games’, some were perilously close and others had been missed by an epic mile (That’s like a mile only bigger).

Thankfully, EDGE has updated its website revising the dates, so you should probably all go off to EB, Game and the rest of the stores you have preorders with to make sure that they got the update.

It is odd though how these release dates, having been unchanged for so many months now, find themselves being updated a few short days after we called EDGE Games out. Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Here we have the latest updates:


After the promise of Fall 2009 raced on by, the game is resting in the pits till Summer 2010 for the PS3 and Fall for Wii/360. We can only hope that when it finally ships, the game will be packed with plenty of ® and smatterings of ™.

Those of you looking anxiously at your hand held Apple device, wondering where that Killer App is, you’ll sadly have to wait a while longer as Bobby Bearing Remix is now due Summer 2010.

We questioned just how long one has to be prepared for in order to be amazed, EDGE believes that wait has to be until Summer for the fullest effect.

Gamers of the world are going to be hard pressed to find time to enjoy the sun, beach and other leisurely pursuits this Summer with EDGE making a fourth release during this window. Firebirds, seen here now without any stolen artwork, is set to cap off what is clearly going to be a wonderful season of games from the famed developer.

Here we round off our Wanted 2010 list two Fall releases, Battlepods and Mythroa II the sequel to the game that’s currently rocking its way up the charts thanks to its recent Amazon release.

It’s hard not to question these dates though, as it’s not the first time that we’ve seen them slip. There must be some real issues going on at EDGE Towers if we’re seeing their entire development portfolio slip by many many months. This kind of delay has seen the death of many other publishers out there, and we wonder that, when Summer finally arrives are we going to be seeing those dates change to Fall, Winter or even 2011? Maybe if we saw some screenshots or even a video of gameplay it would reassure us all that things are on the right track and gamers can relax knowing that these wonderful titles will find their way on to our consoles one day soon.

So how about it Tim, you’ve managed to speedily update your release dates after we sign posted them the other day, how about you update your site with some gameplay trailers or screenshots? Maybe get the developers working on the games to start blogging their time, it’s getting very popular for game developers to blog their work these days, why no let us enjoy a weekly MIRRORS blog fix?

For those of you that have raced the heck out of RACERS and de-mythed the demons of Mythora, fear not, you can have your EDGE fix right now. All in the form of some wonderful clothing and branded merchandise.

Just take a look at this Tee. Strutting round in one of these bad boys will surely make you the talk of the town:

Just look at the quality of the cap, see how the logo is so elegantly cut off round the edges so that it’s missing letters. We’re talking high grade merch here, no expenses spent.

Until the time comes again…

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