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December 1, 2009 43 comments

Langdell managed to pull his tricks again in getting Apple to remove Edge from the App Store. He’s found his tool of choice now, the letter to Apple seems to work his bidding nicely. So again, to try and make a living from what they do best, Mobigame has had little choice but to change the name of their game Edge, this time to Edgy and Apple in all fairness have been gracious enough to quickly reprocess the application and put it back on the store (under the new name) in very quick time.

So yes, Edge is on sale (as Edgy) and can be purchased here.

To end this short article, it would be a shame to not poke a bit fun towards our Bowser of the trademark industry. Recently Develop Online published an article that featured a statement from an Edge Games representative.

the company took issue with the new name for Mobigame’s  iPhone title, which was once called ‘Edge’ but then sold as ‘Edge by Mobigame’.

“Adding ‘by Mobigame’ was determined not to get around infringement,” said Langdell’s ‘rep’.

In this argument against the name ‘Edge by Mobigame’, Langdell, sorry, Edge Games Rep claims that adding a company name to the word Edge isn’t enough to get around the trademark.

That’s a funny argument, because if Tim casts his mind back to when he wrote a letter to the US Trademark office in 1997, he might remember making the following statement in defence to his own trademark claim.


So what you’re saying Tim is that it IS ok for a company to add their name to the word EDGE to differentiate it from another trademark?

The statement in the article doesn’t end there either, Langdell makes an even bigger guff here where he seems to claim that he actually invented the word ‘Edge’.

“Clearly, if Sony tried to use the mark ‘iPod by Sony’ they would hardly expect Apple not to take action to protect their mark ‘iPod’. In trademark law adding ‘by (name)’ to another company’s registered trademark does not mean a company can use that trademark without being guilty of willful infringement.”

No Tim, what you’ve done there is liken the word iPod, one that was invented solely for use by Apple in defining their product line of portable music/video players, to Edge, a word that has been around for centuries and has many meanings and uses.

Lets try your argument again shall we with a more common yet trademarked word. Lets use ‘Apple’. Everyone knows Apple, they make computer hardware, software, they even run the store that you love writing letters to. It’s a trademarked word yet has many meanings, just like your beloved Edge. So Surely with these two words being so alike, they must both be treated in the same way.

No Tim, you see Trademarks are all about protecting from customer confusion, and you see from the above image that we have a host of games and applications on the Apple App store that all use the word Apple in them (There are actually over 20 Apps in total). No one is confused about the above apps, no one thinks that Apple and Monster is by the same company that makes the Macbook.

We hope that one day soon Apple will see that they’re being used as a tool to do Tim’s bidding and finally add his email to their spam filter, until then, we’ll keep on trucking and continue our parade of pointing out the plot holes in the story of Tim Langdell.

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