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A Law Unto Himself

Dr. Tim Langdell, CEO of Edge Games Inc. and owner of the famous Edge trademark has struck back at the vocal negativity his company has received of late. Some might say this blow of written force could be paralleled with a sulky child trying to cause a stir by going to another child’s parents, others might see it as a terrifying warning that the internet is certainly no playground, especially when mocking a powerful multi-armed global company.

Dear Sir or Madam,

A member of your faculty, Brian Beukin[sic], has been using Internet forums and blogs to cyberstalk and cyber-harass and otherwise spread false statement and rumor about persons in order to cause them stress, harass them, defame them and hurt them. We are in process of filing a court action to compel Mr Beukin to cease his defamatory and libelous activity, and are also exploring the possibility of criminal prosecution of him under appropriate international law.

Can you please confirm that Mr Beukin[sic] works for you and that he will generally be available on your campus to accept service of court papers and potentially receive notice of criminial[sic] charges?

Thank you for your swift response,


Dr. Tim Langdell
CEO, Edge Games Inc
California, USA

Member, Board of Directors, IGDA

We’ll certainly be following the news of this, especially the details of what ‘appropriate international law’ is going to be called upon, and also the revealing of proof to back up what false things Mr. Brian Beukin[sic] has stated.


We said we’d be following this, and follow we have. There’s been more communication made from both parties regarding this war of words.

Hi Tim
Oh please please please do service me with court papers.
And do not mate the mistake of thinking I’m going to roll over to a bully like you, remember that I can submit evidence to prove that you have lied repeatedly about your company, your trademark and your behaviour?

Do you want my home address or my work address


To which Tim responded:

Meneer Beukin[sic],

Both addresses please.

So far you have only stated falsehoods as if they are truth or mis-stated facts out of context in order to defame me and Edge Games. It appears you may come under Dutch, UK and US law where even stating the truth, if its stated in such a way as to negatively impact a person’s reputation, is not only defamation and libel but can potentially carry criminal charges. You are clearly guilty of Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying, too.

Hartelijk bedankt,

Tim Langdell
CEO, EDGE Games Inc

Brian riposted with:

Hi Tim
I’m Scottish actually so the Meneer isn’t needed, I’m not one for titles unlike you, so plain old Brian will be fine, or Mr, but do please try to spell my name correctly on any legal threats you want to keep sending, it might affect their validity

Ah..I think you seriously underestimate your understanding of UK, Dutch and US law, a quick chat with your lawyer will hopefully put you right, I wouldn’t rely to much on your faux legal threats to gain much ground here.

Aside from the obvious issues of free speech and right to quote public documents, all my comments are factual, based on hard and demonstrable evidence…feel free to show me incidences where I have quoted anything that is not factual?

There is no crime civil or criminal, in any jurisdiction of stating the truth and exposing a fraud as such. But hey…you feel free to take me to court if you think thats the case.

As for your “reputation”, this is completely and utterly in tatters from your own lies, and continual, defence and attempts at obfuscation of those lies, not my and others exposure of them.

You do realise, your lies have been exposed? You do somewhere in that brain of yours, understand that every single false claim you are making is being researched and exposed..You do release that the people you are attempting to claim credit from are investigating their own legal actions to shut you down.

You do realise that you are making a fool of yourself…don’t you?

Be very aware that should you be foolish enough to try to take me to court, I will defend myself, and I will do so by the simple method of detailing all of your lies, including and not limited to your false representation to the Trade mark Offices of both the UK and US…you can choose to risk charges of perjury if you want. You may even find yourself facing considerable costs…when you lose.

You could try that criminal thing if you really do have the balls to report me to a police station in any country of your choosing, but I think we both know you’ve not got a leg to stand on.

And its not me who’s the bully, its you…as your attempt to discredit me with my employers shows, you just picked the wrong people to try your strong arm tactics on.

On reflection I don’t see why you’d need my work address, I am a resident in Holland so my home address is the correct place to serve legal papers. So if you indeed want to pursue this please ask your legal people to contact me and I’ll supply my home address by return.

Seriously Tim…you really don’t scare me 1 bit..I have truth and documented facts on my side and I will use it if you insist on taking me on personally.

I would normally sign off with best regards, but in your case I think I’ll pass

Now Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying sound like terrible acts, the posting of threatening letters and messages over the internet is something that no one likes, and stalking, cyber or otherwise is a terrible thing, and bad things can happen to people that are found guilty of such acts, such as this case here from 2006

Stay vigilant people, on the street and on the web.

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  1. oneplayerone
    August 26, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    Blimey. What qualifies as ‘cyber stalking’? Is it posting in threads discussing a set issue across numerous internet forums? I think not.

  2. August 26, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    People who compulsively deploy “cyber” as a prefix are from the past. Oh noes! Tim Langdell must be loosing his… edge.

  3. August 26, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    “People who compulsively deploy “cyber” as a prefix are from the past. Oh noes! Tim Langdell must be loosing his… edge.”

    BAM!! Timmy, you just got burned by Maniraptor here.

    “Cyber Stalking”? Sounds rather odd because we can ALL be traceable. Everywhere we go it is out there in cyberspace…. somewhere. ( sounds like a movie intro, eh? )

  4. August 27, 2009 at 3:43 am

    Well played ‘Meneer Beukin’!

    More power to you. You don’t need any help as Tim Langdell is an idiot, but if we can help in any way please let us know.

    Kind regards,
    Stephen Northcott

  5. Darrell
    October 6, 2009 at 4:16 am

    Wow, Langdell doesn’t seem to understand that as long as this dude’s statements are true and verifiable as such, it doesn’t matter what ill effect they have on the person they’re being said about. Said statements can only be considered defamation and libel if they are false, and not because they hurt your feelings Tim.

    In this case, folks have reams of proof to back what they’re saying about you. If you don’t want to be exposed in court as the fraud you are, you may want to step back, take a deep breath, and learn to leave well enough alone. The things you’ve done can and likely will end up landing you in serious trouble if you continue on in this manner. As it stands, virtually nobody knows you from a pimple on their ass, and you’d be better off if you kept it that way.

    Now if I were to say that you routinely engage in sexual intercourse with Sheep, then that might be libel. That is, if I were to say that. But I’m not saying that, even if I have my suspicions, so you can rest easy chum.

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  2. August 29, 2009 at 1:24 pm

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