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The Products of the Edge Empire

A Great deal has been discussed about the case between Edge Games and Mobigame, this very site holds enough info to bring anyone that’s had their head under a lead covered wi-fi brick up to speed on the subject. In this article I’d like to bring forth another set of events that have taken place on the many forums and comment sections of the internet over the past few months. It seems that this whole subject has grabbed the attention of a good number of budding internet detectives; people that have gone out of their way to check up on public records, email found names, and look back into old records.

A quick visit to Edge Games’ website shows up a raft of released and soon to be games, TV shows, comic books, computer hardware. It’s impressive, if not a little crudely implemented; I’d say flash websites are soooo nineties, but I’m not even sure they were. Still, the site holds a great list of products, a large amount of diverse work, which clearly must keep many people working hard day in, day out in order to bring to the shelves and screens around the globe.

But what if it wasn’t as it first seemed to be, what if the many pages of the site were works of fiction, out of date information or worse? That’s what the many cyber sleuths decided to go and find out.

All the following information is formed from statements, documents and news found through the internet and should be treated as merely internet fiction.


Teenage Wasteland

June 3rd 2009

Teenage Wasteland
Teenage Wasteland


Edge Games announced that they were working on a multi-format (Wii/PS3/360/PC) game to tie in with an up and coming TV show. This news was picked up by the gaming news site Worthplaying as well as a number of others including Gamerbeef, which stood out amongst the rest. Not because of the article, but because of a number of comments left by a chap called Carlton Holder, who happens to be the creator of the TV show.

by carltonholder on Sunday, August 02 @ 18:08:03 BST

I am the copyright owner of TEENAGE WASTELAND. I did not authorize this posting. The information in it is inaccurate. I have no relationship or partnership with EDGE Games and Tim Langdell (Who is a dishonest person who misrepresents himself). Teenage Wasteland is copyright protected material. I own the copyright. Can you plase remove this posting from your site? I can send you a correct presse release, when I have made more headway with the project. Thank you in advance for your diligence.

by carltonholder on Wednesday, August 05 @ 03:38:03 BST




Carton’s twitter offered another piece of info regarding to their relationship.

Hey, I just wanted to warn everyone at Twitter about a man named Tim Langdell who is posing as a video game producer. He’s a lowlife con man

6:14 PM Aug 6th from web Google Cache Link

Certainly not the words of a man that’s working with Edge Games on their exciting new announcement you might say.


Cybernet Systems Vs. Edge Games

March 13, 2009

In a recent case Cybernet Systems challenged Edge Games over their title and trademark of Edge of Extinction after they received a letter in January 2009 from Edge Games informing Cybernet that they were stepping on the toes of their famous trademark.

During the trial, Edge Games presented a number of pieces of evidence in order to prove their companies legitimacy.


Edge (Comic Book)

Edge Games submitted an image of a comic book written by Steven Grant and inked by Gil Kane. It’s a product they advertise on their site as part of the Edge Games product line up.

Sitting the evidence copy next to another sourced image of the comic shows a few differences.

  1. The name. On the evidence piece it’s called ‘The Edge’ but on the published comic, it’s called ‘Edge’
  2. After the name, on the evidence there’s a TM mark, but on the published version there’s no such mark.
  3. At the bottom of the evidence piece it contains a small text section which reads ‘”The Edge” is the Trademark of Edge Interactive Media Inc,. All Rights Reserved’. Again this piece of information is lacking from the published news stand copy of the comic.

The image of the comic on Edge Games’ own website, although small, is clear that it follows the published version of the comic book and not the evidence given by Edge Games on March 13th.

To follow this up with more info regarding Edge Games’ comic book venture. On their website they state “Originally conceived as a four-part comic series, EDGE is working with Steven Grant to publish the fourth installment of the original series.”

However on the August 12th Steven Grant posted this:


Got an email yesterday informing me the website for some game company called Edge Games has a page mentioning me by name stating I’m working with them to release the long awaited final issue of the EDGE mini-series Gil Kane and I did at Malibu/Bravura in the ’90s. Only two problems with that story: they’ve never been in touch with me (at least not personally; for all I know, they’ve talked with my lawyer), and the fourth issue was published a few years ago with the rest of the mini in THE LAST HEROES, from Byron Preiss Productions. But at least my legend grows, right?”

Indeed as Steven pointed out, the comic was finally completed and released under a different name: The Last Heroes



Garfield Winter’s Tail

Edge Games also presented copies of two games they’d published to act as proof of being in the games business. It seems a little odd that they chose to present games that were published 20 years ago rather than a more recent offering.

Sitting the evidence copy next to another sourced image of the game shows a difference.

  1. In the bottom right hand corner of the evidence copy a piece of text reads “GAMER’S EDGE TM”, a piece of text perhaps left over from the Velocity Micro case: Edge Games vs Gamer’s Edge PCs.


The Epicentre

People might be wondering where the offices of Edge Games are in sunny California…

530 South Lake Avenue
Suite 171
Pasadena CA 91101

More pics:

So there you have it, the home of the Edge Business Empire, a wonderful suite of high class brick and mortar including wonderful facilities such as: Parking In Rear, Key Cutting and in house FedEx to help send out those many published products zippidy quick.

It even has it’s own web address: http://www.mailboxplanet.net:80/contactaboutus.nxg


Further Adventures of Tim Langdell

Beyond his heroic efforts as boss of Edge Games, in 2004 Langdell also created a movie game cross over agency along side fellow Brit game vet Geoff Brown, Langdell Brown Associates. Maybe the start of many a fantastic movie/game cross over coming soon to all the major platforms?



End Note

So this is just a blast of info discovered by people on the internet, a collection of comments and findings. What does it say? Well thats for the reader to decide. I have a feeling that it’s not the end of these discoveries and a look over at Derek Yu’s fantastic article on TIGSource shows that there’s a wealth more of info to be read and digested at your pleasure.

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  1. s0
    August 25, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    Excellent read. You should space this article out a bit for clarity’s sake, it’s all a bit bunched together at the moment. A bit like how our dearest Timmy spaced out his classic Mobigame statement. Aaaah, Tim. You do so warm my heart with your hilarious fantasies.

    Fly me to the mooon…

    • chaosedge
      August 25, 2009 at 9:15 pm

      Done 🙂

  2. Fernando
    October 3, 2009 at 1:19 am

    someone aded the info that the movie “The Edge” was relased by 20th Century Fox under license of EDGE to the Tv/game crossover section of the edge website, after checking the IMDB, found that it was relased on 1997, but not metion of any EDGE company involved with it

  1. August 26, 2009 at 7:24 am
  2. November 7, 2009 at 11:57 pm

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